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Retainer Referral Program

referral program

We have a great program that ensures you won’t have to pay for the replacement of lost or damaged retainers. All you have to do is refer your friends!

Our Retainer Referral Program offers:

  • FREE replacement for two broken or lost Essix Retainers*
  • A $300 discount for replacement of one Hawley retainer or acrylic appliance**

*$150 replacement cost for each Essix retainer
**$350 replacement cost for each Hawley retainer or acrylic appliance

Not sure which type of retainer you have? Just ask one of our staff members.

Some restrictions apply. Referral balance starts after 1/1/13. Retainer insurance has no cash-in-value. Referrals must be made for non-immediate family members only. Referrals must come in for a consult. Referral credit is transferable to immediate family members who share the same responsible party.