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COVID-19 - Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 – Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 – Coronavirus Update

Our office is closed but our phones are open. We are not seeing patients in our office unless there is an emergency. We will be making decisions for the safety of our patients and staff on a week to week basis.

In the meantime, please be diligent about oral hygiene. This is a good time to monitor closely how well your child is brushing and ensuring they are taking the time to floss properly. Orthodontic treatment relies on good oral hygiene and is actually the first thing Dr. Cloth and the technicians look at to determine how to advance in treatment.

If you have any questions regarding your appointments, or treatment, please give Maria a call or leave a message and she will get back to you. As we approach our reopening, our office staff will be calling you to either confirm your scheduled appointment or to make a new one.

We hope that everyone is staying healthy, making the best of the social distancing to combat COVID-19, and being kind to each other as we all navigate through this pandemic.