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About Us

Our Team

charlottesville orthodontist

Maria, Practice Manager

Maria has lived in Charlottesville since 1999 with her two daughters, Hannah and Sophia, and her dog, Jerome. When she's not sharing her appreciation of orthodontics, she enjoys spending her time hiking, doing Pilates, cooking healthy, learning to play the guitar, and traveling to wherever a long weekend can take her. Maria and both of her daughters are proud to call Dr. Cloth their orthodontist.

charlottesville orthodontist

Christina, Orthodontic Technician

Christina was born in Richmond, but grew up in Charlottesville. She attended PVCC for two years and found she likes the medical field very much. Christina has one daughter, Honesty, and raising her gives Christina motivation in everything she does in life. She loves working in the orthodontic field and finds it rewarding to be a part of each patient's journey in achieving a good bite and a wonderful smile.

charlottesville orthodontist

Tara, Orthodontic Technician

Tara was born and raised in Staunton and has 3 boys; Jaden,10; Mylo, 4; and Victor, 3. Her fiancé, Wes, and she like to hike, swim, fish, and target practice. They also have three Siberian huskies who keep them very busy. Before working for Dr. Cloth, she was one of his patients. Dr. Cloth forever changed her life with his persistent & professional treatment process, making her feel happy and confident for the first time in her life. She likes working in the orthodontic field to help pass this feeling forward. Dr. Cloth regularly shares his insight and knowledge with our small team, which makes her job all the more interesting and compelling.

Robin, Marketing Specialist

Robin is Dr. Cloth's wife. They have two children, Benjamin and Daniel, with whom they have traveled extensively having been in the Army. Robin volunteers at the UVA Cancer Center, loves anything with cinnamon in it, and spends her spare time Jazzercising, quilting, reading, hiking, and playing mah jongg. With her Masters in marketing, Robin takes her rightful place in the practice as the marketing specialist.