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Mark Cloth Orthodontics provides individualized and detailed treatment to each patient. We pride ourselves on helping each patient achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest quality of orthodontic care in a comfortable setting. To ensure this, we use proven, state-of-the-art technology in an eco-friendly environment. We want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your orthodontic treatment. Along with Dr. Cloth, his caring and professional staff will work with you to make sure you have the best possible experience each and every visit. Browse our site to find out more about us and learn the many benefits of orthodontic care and treatment. Now, let’s get started on your new smile today!

My daughter had never missed a single day of school in 11 years so scheduling appointments was sometimes tricky. Dr. Cloth's staff always worked with our family to support, not only my daughter's need for orthodontic care, but to support her commitment to her education.

Very friendly staff, awesome care and treatment! Highly recommend them!

Dr. Mark Cloth is a great Orthodontist.... he was my orthodontist for 3yrs I love the work and results from where I started to the finish.

I met Dr. Cloth when he first came to Staunton/Charlottesville after getting out of the army. He's the kind of man you instantly trust and respect. He was very straightforward with what he was able to do for me and I enjoyed having him as my orthodontist.

Great personality and the shop is always getting good things done. My daughter's smile is now lovely.